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Change is hard.
If you are contemplating filing divorce or any other family law matter, you are probably feeling overwhelmed and deeply ambivalent about the whole process. On one hand, you are so tired of the daily bickering, the long silences, the feelings of being disconnected from your spouse or partner. You’re not eating properly, your sleep is suffering, and the constant day to day conflict is wearing you down. You feel like you are losing a part of who you are.

On the other hand, your head reels just thinking about the immediate and long-term ramifications of dissolving your relationship, especially if children are involved. You might wonder if it is worth it to stay in a loveless marriage or relationship to avoid the uncertainty and risk to yourself and your family. You feel immobilized by indecision, afraid to move forward and unwilling to go back.

Take the first step.
Many of my former clients can tell you: life can and often does get better after divorce. You just have to find the courage to take the first step. There will be challenges, especially at the beginning. For example, you may have less money, and you may see less of your children. But after a while, if you are wise, you will realize that money can’t replace self-respect and it is quality, not the quantity of time with your children that counts. You will learn to live with less and if you have children, you will learn to appreciate the time you have with them more than you have ever before. They will no longer have to bear daily witness to the disintegration of their parents’ marriage. You will learn to let go and have fun again. Best of all, you might just reconnect with the person you once were – the strong, happy, focused person you were the day you married your spouse.

When you are ready to reclaim you life, I can help you get there.

I will work closely with you to determine how best to approach your particular case, and will expertly guide you through the process with the utmost concern for your individual needs. With 40 years of experience as a family law lawyer, I have successfully handled a wide variety as well as a vast number of cases, from simple, uncontested divorcees, to extremely complex, high asset, high conflict matters. At my firm, you will never be just another case. You will not be shunted off to a younger, less experienced associate or paralegal. I will handle your case from beginning to end, and strive to find the least stressful and most cost-effective way to achieve your objectives.

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